About this Blog and Me …

WELCOME to my blog. I’m Aiden Mc Raft. I love PEOPLE and I love LIFE!

I want to make every minute count — my interests include photography, scuba-diving, paragliding, sailing & loads more.

But I have to fund my life, and I do that by working in the I.T. industry. Never mind, eh? I don’t know about you, but I want to spend as little time as possible in front of a computer monitor, so I want to make that time as productive as possible.

In my experience, most of the actual CONCEPTS in I.T. are simple. Rarely are they complicated. So why can it seem difficult when actually it is easy (the title of this blog)?

More often than not, seeming difficulties in comprehension stem from:

  • misunderstood terminology on the reader (which is why this blog’s tagline reads “If  you know the words, you can sing the song!”)
  • badly used terminology on the part of the authors
  • bad writing — for example, the author just can’t describe the subject/topic clearly.

When you handle these barriers of misunderstanding and misguidance you often find that the concepts are very simple, and sometimes find they are actually disappointingly ill-conceived. (The world of I.T. has its fair share of idiots originating and mis-conceiving “solutions”!)

Regardless of the (lack of) difficulty of the subjects and topics, you do still have to REMEMBER stuff, and committing stuff to memory can take some time.

THAT’s where this blog comes in handy!

It’s my mind dump — a partial dump — of some computery shiz: important conceptual wrinkles, or just stuff that I might find useful, but couldn’t be bothered memorizing.

Maybe you’ll find some of it useful, too. I hope so, as I will then feel it has been an even more productive use of my time. 🙂